Resources: Racehorse Ownership Webinar

The Indiana Thoroughbred Alliance appreciates everyone who took the time to attend our free webinar, especially our four presenters: Destin Heath, Nate Brannin, Marc Wampler and Jared Shoemaker. We hope everyone came away with at least one piece of good information.

You can view the replay any time: Racehorse Ownership: Questions Answered

As promised, here are some resources for racehorse ownership:


Pocket Aces Racing (Marc Wampler and Jared Shoemaker)

B&B Racing Stable, LLC (Nate Brannin)

Destin Heath

Interested in getting into racing now? The follow syndicates, farms and breeders have available horses ready to race now, either in Indiana or elsewhere:

As always, we encourage you to reach out to the Indiana Thoroughbred Alliance with any questions, concerns or need for direction! We’re happy to help anyone interested in wanting to learn more about breeding, training, owning and racing!

Email: [email protected]