New Owner Webinar Presented by Indiana Thoroughbred Alliance

The idea of owning a racehorse is enticing to so many racing fans, but the prospect of owning a racehorse seems unfathomable. Those potential owners don’t know where to look when it comes to finding the horse and what to do without flushing money down the drain.

Meanwhile, the racehorse industry knows that owners are the backbone of the horse racing industry, and every jurisdiction is looking to increase the number of owners in order to fill races. Where’s the disconnect? The access and availability to education and resources for ownership.

The Indiana Thoroughbred Alliance (ITA) presents a free webinar for prospective and new racehorse owners on April 18. The webinar’s goal is to help answer any questions prospective owners might have while sharing valuable insight from those that have been in the industry in different aspects.

“We felt it was so important to provide resources for people who want to own a racehorse,” says Susan Burger, breeder, owner and board member of the ITA. “There’s a disconnect with various groups and marketing efforts because they forget there’s so much to owning a racehorse and how to buy a racehorse.”

Moderated by Megan Arszman, presenters include:

Nate Brannin, managing partner of B&B Racing Stables, LLC, an ownership group that races primarily in Indiana, but also in Florida and Kentucky. Brannin started in owning racehorses after participating in Horseshoe Indianapolis’s Grand Gesture Racing Club, then was inspired to start his own group for friends who wanted to get involved and didn’t know how.

Destin Heath, trainer, a veteran conditioner, Heath was the head trainer with WinStar Farms for eight years before going out on his own. Heath worked for such talented trainers as D. Wayne Lukas, Mark and Connie Barnes and Richard Budge.

Jared Shoemaker and Marc Wampler with Pocket Aces Racing. Wampler is the racing and bloodstock manager and Shoemaker is the business manager. The two have helped to grow Pocket Aces Racing to one of the stronger fractional ownership programs.

The webinar will be held on April 18 starting at 7:30. Registration is free and required. Any questions attendees might have can be sent in early: [email protected]. Register online: